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Tacky Mat, Sticky Mat, Sticky Mats:

These self-adhesive sticky mats are highly suitable for data centers, cleanrooms, MER or SER rooms. The adhesive top layer of the mat automatically removes dust and dirt from shoes or other objects when they come into contact with the sticky mat. This allows for entering a dust-free space and keeping the space dust-free.

The sticky mats are supplied per box containing 10 x 30 sheets of sticky mats. Each mat consists of 30 numbered sheets with dimensions of 660 x 1140 x 2 mm. The mat can be easily attached to the existing floor with an adhesive layer, preventing it from shifting. The mats are also suitable for placing in front of door openings.

Since we import the sticky mats ourselves, we can offer them at a very competitive price.

We also always have a large stock available.

Minimum order quantity is 1 box of 10 mats, 30 sheets each, priced at Euro 149.95 excl. 21% VAT.

Free shipping within the Netherlands. Delivery time 1 to 2 days.

For more information, call us 085-020 7800 or contact us via email.