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Cost-Saving Cleaning Program

No matter how well-designed the building construction, material selection, and preventive measures in data centers, as well as in MER and SER rooms, are, pollution will continue to occur daily due to human activities.

To achieve optimal cleaning results, RIFCO has developed a two-year cycle data center hygiene plan.

In this plan, the interval between two cleaning cycles is shortened without exponentially increasing costs. This reduces the chance of (fine) dust formation, thereby eliminating a significant cause of malfunctions. Through the optimal distribution and scheduling of tasks throughout the year, a perfect cleaning result is achieved.

Before commencing the work, we always conduct an inspection/audit, the findings and recommendations of which are shared with the client.

In addition to our specific data center cleaning approach, RIFCO also often performs one-off/start-up activities (so-called 0-turns) after renovations, new construction handovers, or incidents.

The fact that RIFCO's specific cost-saving cleaning approach works is reflected in the thousands of square meters of floor space in data centers, as well as in smaller computer and server rooms, that RIFCO now cleans periodically.