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Cleaning and (preventive) maintenance

Data halls and technical rooms form 'the beating heart' of every data center. Here, there are often dozens of server racks filled with IT equipment.

The climate-controlled data halls are often equipped with computer access floors combined with raised floors, featuring ventilation grilles. Additionally, there are also many epoxy floors found in data centers.

A clean working environment in data centers is essential for the optimal functioning of equipment. Hence, computer access floors, cabling, cable trays, server racks, and other interior parts in the data halls require regular specialized cleaning. All with one goal: creating a clean environment and minimizing dust contamination as much as possible.

RIFCO has ample experience, solid knowledge, and well-trained personnel to carry out these tasks effectively and safely.

Special equipment fitted with HEPA filters, safe and as sustainable as possible products, and, where necessary, ESD-safe clothing and footwear are used.

To ensure that data centers are clean 24/7 and have a representative appearance, RIFCO operates according to the unique 'two-year maintenance cycle program.' This achieves an optimal balance between quality and cleaning costs.

In addition to the preventive maintenance of data halls, corridors, and technical rooms, RIFCO can also assist you with one-time/incidental cleaning after the completion of new construction, renovations, and emergencies.