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Our Organization

RIFCO BV is a young professional service organization founded in 2018. From the outset, we have expressed the ambition to be leading and innovative in the market in everything the organization does and stands for.

Through years of experience, even before 2018, combined with the specific knowledge within the team of specialists, we work day in and day out to achieve our ambitions.

Like no other, we know how to translate the (cleaning) wishes and requirements of our partners and clients into flexibly executed services, ensuring quality assurance, good working conditions, and attention to the environment are not overlooked.

We operate nationally. Since 2022, RIFCO has also been active in Belgium. We have a brand-new well-equipped office building in centrally located Maarsbergen.


Today, data centers play a crucial and indispensable role in optimizing the functioning of business-critical IT equipment for thousands of companies and millions of users.

Terms like 'working in the cloud' and 'secure data storage' are inherently linked to data centers.

To ensure this process runs smoothly, servers are placed in a climate-controlled, secure, and clean environment, guaranteeing the continuity and optimal operation of workplace equipment, telephony, and other complex IT infrastructure.

Dust and pollution are critical risk factors that can contribute to malfunctions and discontinuity of equipment in data centers.

RIFCO provides high-quality facility services to keep data halls and business-critical areas in data centers clean.

Work methodologies, material usage, and cleaning frequencies are tailored to the specific situation on-site. All with one goal: delivering optimal quality with minimal disruption to the daily data center operations.

It's no coincidence that our slogan is: When Quality Matters

Our Services

RIFCO provides specialized cleaning services and additional facility services and products.

RIFCO strongly focuses on the data center industry. Here, our knowledge and experience truly shine. With our services, we make a significant contribution every day to achieving required cleanliness levels and hygiene in data centers.

Our services don't stop at specialized cleaning. Clients also turn to us for facility products. This includes supplying sanitary hygiene products, dirt-trapping mats, cleaning kits for fingerprint scanners, and hardware cleaning products for PCs, laptops, monitors, and mobile devices.